About HFM

To Study in Style

HFM (L’habit fait la mode) school uniforms meet the growing demand of parents and school staff who are asking for a discreet and elegant dress code in order to generate a sense of belonging for students. Note that students are the firsts to be thrilled about this versatile and classic attire that reflects current trends.

A Youthful Brand

Both boy and girl collections have several interchangeable pieces. Schools can pick their own style in a variety of colors. Today’s youth is all about diversity and versatility!

A School Uniform Revolution

Parents love the collection’s concept, but the children love it even more because they don’t feel like they are stuck with a single outfit. They can mix-n-match pieces and customize their own look. Hugging fits, high-quality apparel, vibrant colors, HFM school uniforms will score high with the student body.

Our turnkey concept is also what sets the brand apart. The HFM staff goes to the different schools to take care of fittings, place orders and process shipping. Customers can also order school uniforms via our website at uniformeshfm.com and add extra items to their school wardrobe. They can also exchange products at the HFM store.

Thanks to HFM school uniforms, dressing comfortably and elegantly will be easy as ABC!

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